Zam at Junior Chipmunks.


Zim (brother)

Yzma (aunt)

First Appearance:

Chipmunky Business

Zam is as evil as Zim and his aunt, Yzma but both Zim and Zam do not have the same spookiness of Yzma when they talk. Yzma says "brilliant" as "brrrr-rilliant". Zim and Zam say it as "brilliant". Yzma has more of a shrill laugh, while all Zam says is "heh-heh-heh-heh-heh, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!".

Chipmunky Business

Yzma wants to stop Kuzco from suceeding KuzClub week. Due to this, she wants to stop Kuzco from earning a single patch in Junior Chipmunks. Kronk says that letting Yzma take over is just crossing the line. Yzma decides to use Zim and Zam to stop Kuzco. Evil Zim and Zam do the following:

  • Patch: Rope Making

What Zim and Zam do: Cut the rope that holds Kuzco.

  • Patch: Rock Cutting

What Zim and Zam do: Flatten Kuzco with a huge rock.

  • Patch: Canoe

What Zim and Zam do: Break holes, making Kuzco sink.

  • Patch: Cooking

What Zim and Zam do: Burn Kuzco and his spatula to powder.

  • Patch: Archery

What Zim and Zam do: Kuzco doesn't want to tell in the episode.

  • Patch: Condor

What Zim and Zam do: Turn Kuzco and Kronk into chipmunks so that the condor will eat them. Kuzco managed to get a condor feather for his patch, but realized that Kronk really needed it, because he never earned that patch. Kuzco gets a special patch just for him, the "I didn't earn a single patch" patch. Yzma scolds Zim and Zam, and a condor grabs them in the air. Yzma insults the condor, so it captures her too.


Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.21.10 PM

Zim (left) and Zam (right) in their lab

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