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Species Ancient Witch
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Occupation Emperor's Adviser (ENG), Kuzco Academy Principal (ENS)
Family Azma (mother)
Zim and Zam (twin nephew)
Friends Ramon
Enemies Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk, Chicha, Chaca, Tipo, Yupi, Malina
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by Eartha Kitt
Grey DeLisle
Candi Milo
"This article is brilliant!" Yzma


Yzma is very old and crafty magic user with the ability to transform people into animals and can perform many other spells. Yzma is a character from Emperor's New Groove, Kronk's New Groove and The Emperor's New School, known for her terrible ugliness (see the picture) and owner of a secret lab. She is the primary antagonist of the franchise and Kuzco's enemy. Their conflict started when Kuzco fired Yzma in the movie because she was taking the throne when he wasn't looking. Since this happened, Yzma is thirsty for revenge.

Her only possible friend is Kronk, who works for Yzma in the movie and the series (despite Kronk is a kind person). Yzma's focus on life is defeat Kuzco and become Empress of the Incas. For that reason, she tried to poison Kuzco in the movie, but accidentally transformed him in llama due to a mistake made by Kronk. Also, during the series, she assumed the identity of "Ms. Amzy" and became director of Kuzco Academy. So, she begun to always make attempts to defeat Kuzco in a new way: Make him fail in the school. This would cause Kuzco to not get the power, and Yzma was the only option left, so, they would need to put her in the throne and she would become Empress.

Yzma is also responsible for a lot of running gags in the show. This causes her to be one of the funniest characters in the series, and to seem less evil despite her actions against Kuzco.


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