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The Emperor's Mad Dash

Kuzco is in a heap of trouble. He's about to flunk gym class and lose his kingdom to Yzma - and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Nothing. Well, okay, so maybe there is one thing... Kuzco MUST win the annual Kuzco Academy Cross Country Race! The bad news: he's racing against Kronk. The worse news: Yzma just whipped up a fresh batch of evil, race-thwarting potions. BUT you can use Yzma's potions to your advantage! Guide Kuzco through three heart-pounding levels to win the race.



  • Use the arrow keys or click the potions to TRANSFORM Kuzco and move between the SKY, PATH and RIVER.
  • Use the spacebar or click the BONUS POTION to use it.

Getting stopped
Get stopped three times and the race is over!

Collect flowers along the way to earn points (and impress Malina)!

Time Bonus
And to earn some BIG TIME BONUS POINTS...

  1. Run over a BONUS POTION to add it to your collection.
  2. Use the BONUS POTION to get past an obstacle. For example...
    1. Level 1
      1. Toucan rips through butterfly net.
      2. Elephant knocks over Kronk.
      3. Frog jumps over rocks and waterfall.
    2. Level 2
      1. Condor flies through crows.
      2. Rabbit jumps over hole.
      3. Elephant knocks over rock pile.
      4. Whale knocks over Kronk.
    3. Level 3
      1. Monkey swings through spider web.
      2. Elephant knocks over rock pile and Kronk.
      3. Goat climbs rock pile.
      4. Rabbit jumps over hole.
      5. Frog jumps over rocks and waterfall.
      6. Snake stretches over rocks and waterfall.
The Emperor's Mad Dash Gameplay

A moment of the gameplay.


The game works in a side perspective of Kuzco running across a path with a wall on his left and a river on his right. He runs foward and the player needs to move him across the three areas turning him into animals. Being interrupted three times results in a game over and winning the three stages results in the victory. At the path, the player may find Kronk, rock piles, spider webs and holes. At the water, the player may find Kronk, rocks and waterfall. At the sky, the player may find Coach Sweety with a butterfly net, stormy clouds and crows. Sometimes, obstacles are made only for a certain kind of animal, and the player may defeat that obstacle simply not being that animal.

Loosing quote

You LOSE, you FLUNK and you're OUT!