This article refers to an episode with two segments. There is a page for each one in this wiki.

Squeakend at Bucky's/Kuzco Fever is a two-segment episode of The Emperor's New School which aired in January 31, 2006.

Squeakend at Bucky's

Squeakend at Bucky's.

Squeakend at Bucky's

Kuzco needs to pass in his "Squirrel Squeak" test, however, his lack of attention to Mr. Moleguaco's classes makes it harder for him. Sick of Kuzco's laziness, Moleguaco gives him Bucky the Squirrel as a private tutor, and Kuzco is very annoyed with the company of the sweet and kind squirrel. But when Bucky is in danger and Kuzco can't warn him if not in squirrel squeak, he will have to use all of his study to save the squirrel's life.

Kuzco Fever screen grab

Kuzco Fever.

Kuzco Fever

Kuzco is sick of the peasant life and finds out in a talk with the Royal Record Keeper that he would get his Emperor benefits again if the Royal health gets in trouble. For that matter, Kuzco pretends to be sick and gets all the benefits again, much to Pacha's family's surprise. Inspired by this, Yzma plans to make a potion that will make Kuzco actually sick. Now, Kuzco will need some old peasant tricks to get over the ill.