Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an upcoming attraction at the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World resort.

The attraction is set to debut in early 2012. the attraction is an interactive game where guests use cards to defeat villains in different locations across the park.


Hades is getting a group of villains to help him obtain the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Merlin is recruiting sorcerers to help save the park from the villains. One of the games Adventureland missions involves characters from The Emperor's New Groove.


Many villains and heroes from Disney franchises appear in the attraction. Characters from The Emperor's New Groove that appear are: Kuzco, Kronk, and Yzma.

Pacha does not appear in the attraction, and Malina is either at college, at her job, or is not in the same continuity.

Patrick Warburton is the only actor to reprise his roll from the film as Kronk. J.P. Manoux (Who voiced Kuzco in the video game, House of Mouse, and in The Emperor's New School.) voices Kuzco again, and Candi Milo ( who voiced Coach Sweatie in the show) replaces Eartha Kitt as the voice of Yzma.

This is the first time The Emperor's New Groove characters have had a major appearence in any of the parks, it is also the first time that the characters have appeared since the finale of The Emperor's New School in 2008.