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Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man

Yzma and Kronk have tricked Kuzco and locked him in the science lab supply room. If he doesn't escape soon, Kuzco and the other frogs will be the next science experiment. This looks like a job for... RED-EYED TREE FROG MAN!



  • Use the arrow keys to hop from plataform to plataform.
  • Hold down spacebar and use arrow keys to flick your frog tongue.

HOP next to a cage to release a frog and EARN POINTS!

EAT flies to earn extra time (and believe me, you'll need extra time!)

Land on an ARROW to hop to the next wall.

EAT these delicious treats to earn BONUS POINTS!

Remember, hold down the SPACEBAR to put your tongue to work.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man Gameplay

A moment of the gameplay.


The gameplay consists in moving across each wall trying to release the frogs from their cages. The Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man jumps from shelf to shelf to libertate the frogs and may use his tongue to eat libellules, that fly in circles, and flies, that fly shortly paralell to the shelves. As the player completes a stage or runs out of time, the difficulty is increased. At the second stage, Yzma locks the cages and Kuzco needs to get keys to open the cages. At the third stage, Yzma puts cats to guard the shelves and being caught by a cat reduces Kuzco's health, and cockroaches are added to the game, flying horizontally. Winning the stage, the player wins the game. However, running out of time or health, the player loses.

Loosing quote

You're fresh out of frog health. See what happens when you don't eat your moths?