Project Poncho
Season 2, Episode 15 (attached to Come Fly with Me)
Project Poncho
First Aired February 4, 2008
Written by Joel Bergen
Kim Duran
Alex Muniz
Kuzco's Test Designing a poncho
Yzma's Plan Hire bugs to make her poncho
Episode Guide
Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza
Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma

Project Poncho is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about a poncho contest that makes a stop at Kuzco Academy.


Yatta recieves some good news for the class: A famous poncho runway show will make a stop at Kuzco Academy. Kuzco finds the awardings very lame, but as the winner will get two tickets to a travel across Lima, he thinks that it would be good to win and take Malina with him in a romantic getaway. The hostess and judge, Hilda Kline, randomly picks Kronk and Mr. Purutu as judges.

Yzma is interested in winning as well. When they get to the lab, Kronk claims that he is excited for being a judge, and tells Yzma that being an official fashion judge, he can't help noticing that their lab coats are "so two seasons ago". Yzma tells him that the contest will be the perfect chance for her to show off her fashion sense. Kronk replies remembering her that only students and teachers can join, but Yzma remembers him that she is Principal Amzy. She then tells Kronk that he will help her or else the spinach puff gets it.