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Kuzco is the major character in The Emperor's New Groove and The Emperor's New School. He is essentially a selfish and conceited person, but many times during the series and the movie, he shows signs of having, deep down, a good heart. In the movie, he becomes a good person after learning some life lessons in a adventure with Pacha, a peasant. But he probably reverted back to being a bad person, because he is sent to Kuzco Academy to learn more about being a good emperor. In the beginning of the series, he is already in love by Malina, because of her beauty and other qualities. Malina helps Kuzco when he gets in trouble by Yzma's traps. After being sent to the academy and before graduating and returning to the throne, he lives with Pacha and Chicha, who offered to let him live with them since he didn't have anywhere else to go, and their children Tipo, Chaca and Yupi.

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Quote1 Bring it on.Quote2
- To Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove.


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