Kuzco's Doodles first appearance.

Kuzco's Doodles Theme Song

Kuzco's Doodles in the theme song.

Kuzco's Doodles are types of scribbles on it Kuzco is in the programs. He usually does it when he has a plan, wants to cut out the "boring" parts of the plot, or is in a discussion against Malina and wants to beat her, among other things. Malina and Kronk have a few as well sometimes. Though Malina's are cute anime chibi like doodles while Kronk's are more realistic. In Oops All Doodles, Yzma and Pacha also use doodles, with Yzma drawing resembling Tim Burtonesque-style drawing, while Pacha drawing in a seemingly traditional Japanese ink picture. Guaka once did doodles but revealed he was horrible at drawing.

P.S. In my journal of my thoughts and ideas it's the OZ Kid Doodles a pardody of Kuzco's Doodles.