Kuzco's two designs.
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Occupation Emperor of the Incas (ENG and KNG), llama (ENG), student from Kuzco Academy (ENS)
Friends Pacha, Kronk, Chicha, Chaca, Tipo, Yupi, Malina, Guaka, Bucky the Squirrel
Enemies Yzma, Ramon.
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by David Spade (ENG, KNG), J. P. Manoux (ENS)

Kuzco is the main character and protagonist in The Emperor's New Groove and The Emperor's New School, while having a minor role in Kronk's New Groove.


Kuzco is presented as a sarcastic person with no regard to how his words or actions affect others. He's sardonic to those he thinks are beneath him (the peasants of the village). As a child he grew up in luxury; the lazy and flamboyant nature this created carried over into his reign as Emperor. Kuzco is primarily focused on the physical, how attractive a person is and their popularity. His life is dictated by his "groove" or the "rhythm in which he lives"; which is upset and ultimately changed by the evil actions of Yzma and the good influence of Pacha.

Throughout the first movie we are given glimpses of Kuzco's softer and more compassionate side. By the end he sees the error of his ways, but its not easy to give up old habits. In The Emperor's New School he still has a sarcastic personality but we are also shown his loyalty and capacity to fix his mistakes after he realizes he's made them. He's also very intelligent and creative when it suits him, able to talk his way out of problems with skills.


Kuzco is the young Emperor (Sapa Inca) of the Inca Empire, but he's sarcastic; famously throwing an old man (Rudy) from a window for "throwing off his groove". The treachery of the royal advisor Yzma causes a mix up that, instead of killing him, turns him into a llama. Kuzco assumes a peasant man named Pacha changed him as revenge for plotting to destroy his village to build Kuzco's vacation house. But Pacha insists he's innocent and offers to take Kuzco back to the palace if he promised to give up his plan to ruin the village, During the three day journey, Kuzco and Pacha learn to understand each other and work together to reach their goal and Kuzco is returned to his normal state. Changed by this journey he apologizes to the old man and builds a far simpler vacation house on the hilltop next to Pacha's.

Some time later it is revealed Kuzco must receive a formal education at the Kuzco Academy before he is allowed to keep his throne. In the mean time he is kicked out of the palace and stripped of his title and power. He lives in an attic bedroom with Pacha and Chicha's children Tipo, Chaca and Yupi. He falls hard for Malina, a beautiful and intelligent girl who's more then a little obsessed with perfection. Malina and Kronk are Kuzco's primary companions during his misadventures, learning lessons and thwarting Yzma's plans to destroy him.


  • Kuzco is named after Cusco, the Inca Empire's capital city
  • He doesn't like cheese on his potatoes, as revealed in the first film
  • His favorite treat is a Meat Mug
  • He has an obsession with "funny hats" and "fancy pants"
  • He has a fear of gravity
  • He has a fondness for chinchillas, he adopted one called "Fuzzy-co" in the episode "Kuzco's Little Secret"
  • He once went out on a date with Yatta.
  • He loves disco music, though it wasn't supposed to be invented in his time.
  • He loves karaoke, even if it wasn't supposed to be invented in his time.
  • He is around 18 years old.



Kuzco crushing all 4 legbones


Kuzco ruin 2
Kuzco ruin 1

Kuzco plummeting to his death off Kuzco Academy.

Perfect gift
Come Fly With Me

Kuzco dance
Kuzco going mentally insane after dropped over 200 feet.
Kuzco dancing after learning that Malina wants to kiss him
Kuzco and Malina exchanging lovey-dovey looks
Kuzco creepily stalking Malina as she gets out her homework.
Kuzco watching in horror as Yzma destroys the human potion
Kuzco plummeting to his death and doom after a rope bridge gives way, causing Kuzco to fall over 100 feet towards the rugged ground.
Kuzco stretching
Kuzco stepping on his cloth
Kuzco doing some ancient Incan Karate.
Kuzco slowly turning into his physical form after slowly approaching his destination; School.
Kuzco being suddenly bounced off the throne, with Kronk watching in amazement.
Kuzco wearing an innocent elf's hat, doing the "THEME MUSIC!" stance.
Kuzco adamantly rejecting a wet kiss from Malina
Kuzco as a Puma, one of his many animal forms.
Kuzco evilly laughing after tricking and upsetting Kronk heavily

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