Kronk For Hire

The title screen of the "show".

Kronk for Hire is a supposed reality show in which Kronk visits a house and makes an extreme clean on it. It has a theme music and team, and even a working outfit to Kronk, even through it was all an invention of Yzma's to attempt to find Kuzco's documents in his trash. Kronk gets so involved in the "plan", that he acts as if it was a real reality show, much to Yzma's annoyance. At the end, the basement of Pacha and Chicha's house gets so good-looking that Kuzco peacefully accepts to move from Tipo and Chaca's bedroom to the luxurious room in the underground.


  • It references a lot the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  • In the credits of Room for Improvement, it is revealed that the show kept on even after Yzma's plan failed. There, Kronk made over Yzma's secret lab, turning it into a cute pink place.
  • The theme song is frequently used as background music on Phineas and Ferb, another disney show.