Ipi and Topo
Ipi and Topo
Ipi and Topo seen in two occasions.
Species Both human
Gender Both male
Hair color Both bald
Friends Pacha, Chicha, Kronk
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Clash of the Families
Voiced by Jeff Bennett

Ipi and Topo are two minor characters from The Emperor's New Groove, The Emperor's New School and Kronk's New Groove. They are two calm old men who live in Pacha's village and are constantly seen playing checkers by the hill. Ipi is most likely the thin bald one and Topo is most likely the robust short one. They are typical seniors, who are great friends of Pacha's family and of the other old men and women at the village. Their first appearance was in The Emperor's New Groove, where they were tricked into telling Yzma Pacha's address. There, they told Pacha about his the visit of his "relatives". In Kronk's New Groove, they both attend the Flickery Years Old for Seniors, appreciating Kronk's help like everyone else. In The Emperor's New School, they were first seen in Rabbit Face, teasing Kuzco about the P. E. race. They made other occasional cameos in other episodes.