Homework was assigned to Kuzco and was Kuzco's pet cat. Homework was a black kitten and loved Kuzco.


Kuzco did not want to take care of homework and kept him in his locker. Yzma gave homeowrk a potion and turned him into a gaint jaguar when Kuzco was not looking. Homework tried to eat Kuzco. Kuzco wanted rid of Homework. Homework appoligized and was very sorry. Kuzco told Homework to leave and Hoemwork went into the sad rainy jungle. He felt bad for Homeowrk and let him come back.  Homework was very good to Kuzco and tried to help him pass. When Kuzco brought Homewok back to the teacher, the teacher said he was gonig to have to fail Kuzco because Homework was turned into a jaguar and was not a kitten anymore. Then the potion wore off and Homework turned back into the little kitten he used to be. Then Kuzco earned an A+.


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