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This is the archive for Featured Quotes. It keeps track of all the quotes that were featured. It will be monthly updated by Leonoboru.

  • Quote1 I hate you.Quote2

- Kuzco to Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove.

  • Quote1 It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!Quote2

- Yzma's headline.

  • Quote1 Yeah, the only exercise he gets is running the country!Quote2

- An old man, refering to Kuzco's sedentarism.

  • Quote1 You gotta be kidding me.Quote2

- Yzma, shocked with Kuzco's victory in Rabbit Face.

  • Quote1 You said 'Go ahead, jump in the shark tank'.Quote2

- Mr Moleguaco on Kuzco's squirrel speak.

  • Quote1 I'm his third cousin's, brother's, wive's, step neice's, great aunt!... Haha, twice removed...Quote2

- Yzma to Chicha on her supposed relation to Pacha.

  • Quote1 Kronk's eggs, property of Kronk, do not use, except for Kronk.Quote2

- Kronk to Ms. Birdwell, reading the label on his egg carton in Kronk's New Groove.

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