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Da Llama Dillema

Oh no! Yzma has herded up all the llamas. And is changing them into demon llamas! Change the demon llamas back to normal to get them back in Pacha's pen!



  • Use the space bar to toss potion bottles.
  • Use the shift key to throw a hay burger.
  • Use the arrow keys to move Kuzco.

Throw potion to turn llamas back to normal.

Hay burger
Throw hay burger to get llamas out of the way.

Extra life coin
Gives you extra life.

Da Llama Dillema Gameplay

A moment of the gameplay.


The gameplay consists in moving Kuzco while he walks through the road, throwing the potions and hay burgers to get advantage and earning extra life coins and points. The game perspective is fixed in a up view. As demon llamas bump into Kuzco, the player loses energy. Loosing too much energy results in loosing the game.

Loosing quote

Not bad! Your demon llama herding skills are getting there. Try again!