Coach Sweety
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Friends Unknown, likely most of the educators
Enemies Students from K. A., mainly Kuzco
First appearance Rabbit Face
Last appearance Project Poncho
Voiced by Candi Milo

Coach Sweety, sometimes called "Sweaty" behind her back.' is a minor character from The Emperor's New School. She is the Physical Education and Gym teacher of Kuzco Academy.


Sweety is oddly mean and hard, which leads her to be feared by most of the Academy students. She is so blindly mean that sometimes she is seen shouting over inanimate objects. Her first appearance was in Rabbit Face. There, she is mad at Kuzco because he was always inventing excuses to leave P. E. class, and is the first teacher to give him a test, in case, a race against Kronk. In Girls Behaving Oddly, she accidentally gives Malina a "A-" grade instead of "A+" due to secretary problems, but changes her grade to the right one at the end. As seen in Project Poncho, her fashion sense is inclined to sportive style, and she may be very aggressive when things do not go on the way she expected them to. In the occasion, the poncho she made got one eight, one nine and one ten.