Clash of the Families
Season 1, Episode 14
Clash of the Families
First Aired July 1, 2006
Kuzco's Test Join Annual Family Day Contest.
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Clash of the Families is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about the annual family day contest.


Everybody expected Kuzco to wriggle out of the annual family day contest, but Malina motivates him by promising him a dance with the winner. So Kuzco first tries to train with Pacha's family, which they grudgingly let him, only to be deserted when Kuzco can't understand that he just doesn't fit in the canoe. Kuzco sees Kronk's giant family as "athletically superior", so he deserts to their team. However, Malina says that the contest is all about belonging and family loyalty. During the contest, Kuzco plays in both teams, feeling like a miserable cheat. Still, he gets his share of the prizes and participates in the dancing.