Chipmunky Business
Season 1, Episode 13 (attached to Oops, All Doodles)
Chipmunky Business
First Aired June 24, 2006
Written by Evan Gore
Kuzco's Test Be sucessful at KuzClubs week
Yzma's Plan Use her cousins to sabotage Kuzco earning badges
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Chipmunky Business is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about Kuzco's adventures at KuzClubs week.


It's lunch time at Kuzco Academy. Kuzco is complaining about the KuzClubs week. Malina suggests that he join Kronk's Junior Chipmunks. Kuzco agrees. Yzma decides to stop Kuzco from earning a single patch and tells Kronk that she will watch the camp and stop Kuzco. Kronk interrupts Yzma and protests that it is crossing the line to rule over his camp when he was the camp counseler. Yzma agrees, saying that she could take care of that. Yzma calls over her nephews, Zim and Zam to stop Kuzco by joining the camp. Meanwhile, Kronk assigns everyone to tasks that will earn patches. Zim and Zam do the following:

  • Patch: Rope Making

What they do: Cut Kuzco's rope.

  • Patch: Rock Cutting

What they do: Crush Kuzco with a rock

  • Patch: Canoe

What they do: Bore holes in the canoe, sinking Kuzco in it.

  • Patch: Cooking

What they do: Burn Kuzco and his spatula to powder

  • Patch: Archery

What they do: Kuzco does not want to say.

Kronk is dissappointed in Kuzco, saying that it's a record to fail almost all the patches. Kuzco asks if there are any more. Kronk replies that there is one more, the only one that Kronk himself didn't earn: The Condor Patch. Zam decides to change Kuzco into a fat armodillo, feed him expired gorilla milk, and Kuzco gets a stomach ache. Zim doesn't think it's a good idea, so Zim and Zam change Kuzco and Kronk into chipmunks to get eaten. The condor chases after them, and Kronk quickly explains to the condor. When they turned back, Kuzco manages to get a condor feather for his patch. Kuzco realizes that Kronk was the person who really needed the feather, and gives it to him. Kuzco earns the "I did not earn a single patch" patch. Kuzco wants revenge, but Kronk says "Revenge is not Junior Chipmunk's way. However, it is the condor's way."

Yzma scolds Zim and Zam. The condor carries the twins away. Yzma insults the condor, and the condor takes her away.