Chicha's two designs.
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Family Pacha (husband), Tipo, Chaca, Yupi (children)
Friends Pacha, Kuzco, Kronk, Tipo, Chaca, Malina
Enemies Yzma
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by Wendie Malick
Chicha is a character from ENG, KNG and ENS. She is Pacha's wife and the mother of three kids. She is a worker woman, who takes care of the house, and a great mother. Her maternal instinct helps her to teach various good lessons about humility to Kuzco when he goes to live with her family. Chicha is a good person, and spends the day doing the usual work for a housewife. Tipo and Chaca, her kids, are healty children, and well-teached. Chicha seems to cook well and to be a good wife for Pacha. She is like "the typical worker woman".
Pacha and Chicha young

Chicha and her husband Pacha in their youth