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Candi Milo
Candi Milo
Full name Candi Milo
Born 9 January 1966, San Jose, California, USA
Gender Female
Characters portrayed Coach Sweety
Other works The Replacements
Jimmy Neutron
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Candi Milo is an American voice actress and singer. She voiced Coach Sweety in The Emperor's New School, and she is the current voice of Yzma in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


Milo was born in San Jose, California. There, she attended the Presentation High School. Her father was a child actor, and she started to appear in theme park shows when 16. One of her notable accomplishments in this early career was her role at Disneyland in Anaheim. Her career as an actress began in 1984, when she played a small character in an episode of Gimme a Break!. Later on, she made small cameos at movies, and after that, occasional appearances in several TV shows. After a few unimportant voice roles, she officially got on voice career while feeding lines for characters of the 1992 movie Cool World. There, she ended up voicing two characters.

Since then, she remained in numerous roles, a lot of them being voice acting. In 2001, she got one of her first important voice roles when replacing Christine Cavanaugh as the main character of Dexter's Laboratory. She then started to make a number of roles in Warner productions, where she still occasionally casts. She made some Disney and Nickelodeon roles as well. Some of these include My Life is a Teenage Robot, The Replacements, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and, of course The Emperor's New School, where she voiced Coach Sweety, a minor character, in a few episodes.

Candi is famous for voicing various characters with Latino accent. Her voice can be heard in dozens of animated productions, where she voices numerous minor characters. She is very used to minor roles in TV series and movies, and has done over 100 roles as actress and voice actress. Her voice may not be very known due to she usually playing unimportant characters, but it is almost certain that a number of Cartoon Network watchers have heard her voice at least once. Today, single mother Candi lives with her daughter in Los Angeles.