Battle of the Bots
Season 1, Episode 5 (attached to Cart Wash)
Battle of the Bots
First Aired February 17, 2006
Written by Kevin Seccia
Kuzco's Test Create an invention
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Battle of the Bots is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about Kuzco's strategy at the Annual Invention Fair.

Kuzco's Introduction Lines


No-Talky Machine

The "No-Talky Machine".

Mr. Moleguaco is telling the class about Kuzco Academy's Annual Invention Fair, that the students should join if they had plans to graduate. Kuzco isn't paying attention, and when Mr. Moleguaco calls him Kuzco says he invented the "No-Talky Machine", which is actually his hand that he uses to cover Kronk's mouth when he starts to talk. Moleguaco doesn't like the excuse, and Malina asks Kuzco if she can try the invention, then covering Kuzco's mouth with her hand. Mr. Moleguaco remembers the class that it is called "Invention Fair", so if someone enters with someone else's invention, they will fail. Then Kronk shows Moleguaco a bucket and a rag, and the teacher remembers him that both have already been invented.

Later on, the students are testing their inventions. Kuzco tries to think about something, but isn't able to. Kronk suggests him to get inspiration at Yzma's secret lab, and Kuzco tells him that Kronk gave him the idea of borrowing one of Yzma's inventions so that no one would know. Malina shows up and introduces herself as no one. Kuzco and Kronk don't get the joke, and after Malina explains it, Kuzco tells her that he is not afraid of her because he knows that Malina won't get him in trouble because she really cares about him. Malina tells him that he is very wrong many times. Then she says that cheating is wrong and that if he steals one of Yzma's invention he will be cheating, will fail and Yzma will become empress. She claims that it's not so hard to invent something. Then Kuzco tells her that she turned him around and that he will absolutely not break into Yzma's lab. Malina doesn't believe him at all.